Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We worked, but the car doesn't

I got to Phil's house at 8:30am this morning. The rest of the crew got there shortly thereafter. We didn't leave until 5:30pm. In those many hours we all accomplished quite a bit. Not enough to get the car to run yet, but close I must say. How many weeks until the race you ask? Two more working weekends until showtime. Some of us may be taking some extra unplanned vacation time soon.

But on to the good news. The brakes are done! It took eight weeks, and phone calls all over the country, but have we got a set of great brakes. We have upgraded from the stock tiny solid rotor, to a beefy cross drilled and vented aftermarket rotor for a 1.6L turbo Colt. To go along with that we installed bigger calipers, and top of the line brake pads. I have the utmost confidence that our brakes will perform flawlessly on race day.

Another major accomplishment, and one of our prime off season modifications, was the installation of our new custom intake manifold for our SU carburetor. Jeff designed and built this thing from scratch and it looks awesome! This took Jeff and Quinn most of the day to install and set up the accessories, but it is worth it. The SU is going to be a great replacement for our old junk carb. There will still be some tuning once we get the car running, but the worst is over.

Other completed projects include the installation of the larger radiator, the final installation of the exhaust (again) and the main hoop diagonal bar is tacked in place. We attempted to start the car for the first time with the new intake, but we have a little electrical problem. Phil will be tracking that down at night this week and hopefully next weekend we can fire her up. With two working weekends to go and the Colt needing some test and tune time, we're cutting it close. We got it covered!

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