Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Do stickers count as work?

You read that right. Stickers. That's about all we got done on Saturday. Well, actually we did accomplish a little more than that. Our exhuast system that had broke off last race is now fixed. Chris and Jeff welded the whole thing up and used heavy bolts to hold it in the car. It sits a little low, but should work fine.

Myself, I started trying to fit the radiator in the car. It fits OK, but I have to modify the lower hose a little bit so that it doesn't interfere with the transmission. I'll get it......eventually. Phil got a little farther on his battery relocation project. That should be done during the week.

The really good news is that the front brakes are on their way! Chris finally found what he was looking for on Ebay. They should arrive this week. With those on the car, we can put the tires back on and set her on the ground. So I guess we're making progress, it just doesn't seem like as much as we did the first time. As long as we're ready for the race, right?

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