Wednesday, January 13, 2010

And here we are again

It's Thursday night, 8:30pm, and Chris, Phil and I are here at CMP with camp all set up and ready. Go figure, we wound up in the exact same spot as we had last year. And as a bonus, the Tunachunkers just got here and set up right next to us again. So we're just hanging out snacking and listening to the radio. Jeff is on his way and Quinn should be here tomorrow night. For those of you who were here in the spring, you know how to find us. For you new Lab Rats fans here's a map of how to find us. Park where the blue "X's" are and we're at the red dot. Just head for the Timing & Scoring tower.

Stay tuned for updates as we go through tech and BS inspections. And if you're coming down, we'll save some BBQ for you!

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