Wednesday, January 13, 2010

CMP here we come!

It took a while, and there were times when things didn't look that good, but now we're ready! Saturday we all got together and completed our final tasks. The Colt got the finishing touches put on her including the camera mounts. More importantly, she drove around quite a bit. Everyone agrees, she feels great! No more stumbling, hesitation and stalling. Hit the gas and she goes. The Colt E is ready.

Most of our work revolved around stripping the parts car down. You see, it just so happens that we found an identical twin to the Colt E just a few minutes north of Charlotte. That car, having long given up being a useful automobile, has decided to live on as an organ donor to our beloved Colt E. It took us a couple of hours to remove all the critical parts that we might need in case of a major accident. My hope is that we will never need any of it, but we're prepared for the worst.

So now what? The car is ready. Phil has this week off on vacation so he is going to load the car on the trailer and pack the truck with our supplies. Chris, Jeff and I are going to try and make it through 3 days of work without going crazy with anticipation. The plan is to head down to Kershaw Thursday afternoon so that we are there at 5pm when the gates open. Remember, first come first served when it come to pit locations! Just like last time, I'll post a map to our exact location in the pits on this blog. We look forward to seeing all of you at the race, but if you can't make it just check in here to see how we're doing. I'll be posting race updates often throughout the weekend. See ya!

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