Thursday, September 24, 2009

Naruto DRZ Bike

The first Naruto bike we have done~~
Love it!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Porche Carrera S Racing Stripe and Bumper Protection

The owner wanna protect his bumper from stones hitting and scratching it, so we put on a transparent protective layer on it, it's almost invisible~ What he chose was a normal protection, if you want a ultimum protection, choose RACEShield!
"RACEshield is an indestructible 150 micron thick (0.15mm) clear Urethane Motorcycle Paint Protection Film made from 100% aliphatic resin. It is the THINNEST & TOUGHEST film available on the market today to provide a shield for your motorcycle from the road harshness. This effectively protects the motorcycle's leading areas from damage caused by road debris, gravel, stones, sand and road bugs during aggressive riding.
RACEshield is extremely abrasive resistant, and will withstand the impact from years of stone chipping and weathering, and is guaranteed to remain optically clear year after year.
Because the film is 100% aliphatic urethane, and does not require a protective top coat, RACEshield has an optically clear, high gloss finish that is a direct result of the internal make-up of our urethane; it does not have a clear coat in order to obtain these amazing results, and it does not require a clear coat to maintain this brilliant clarity year after year. This feature allows you to install and clean the urethane aggressively, without scratching the surface, which is extremely helpful when removing bugs from the front of the vehicle.
The patented acrylic adhesive will withstand lubricants, oils, UV rays, and unlike the competition, also contains an anti-corrosion polymer which inhibits rust and mold growth."

The above is described for bikes, but it works the same for cars too~!
We JuzzWheelzz, is the official retailer of RACEShield~! Come visit or call us for quotes~

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Aprilia RS125 Digital Camo

Here we introduce the new Digital Camouflage, on this brand new showcase aprilia RS125.
Now showcasing at Geylang Serai Roadshow, look for Yew Heng Group and check it out~~
Bike sponsored by Yew Heng Group


PGM doing the Ducati Fuji Xerox design, actually looks not bad~

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Colt takes the checkered flag!

What a great weekend!  While the Colt didn't win the race, she ran the entire race only off track for driver changes and fueling.  How far did 68HP get us?  13th place in our class (the "bad" class) and I believe 30th overall.  She completed 497 laps with a fastest time of 1:05.6, courtesy of Quinn.  That's only 3 seconds off the fastest lap time of the entire race!  The car suffered heavy body damage, but no mechanical problems.  She handles better than before and held her own out there.  All in all we had a blast!

Once I get back into the flow of regular life I'll get all the video uploaded and post some here.  I got some great video from the front and rear bumper cams!

Thanks to everybody on the team for all the hard work and a special thank you to Andrea for putting up with all of this madness.  Let's do it again!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

End of day 1, and we rock!

What a day!!  The colt is nothing like her former self.  We've completed 274 laps and are running in 15th out of 107.  Campare that to last spring when we didn't hardly run at all on day 1.  She's not the fastest car out there by a long shot, but with no mechanical failures and no penalties we held our own.  But it's war out there.  There were quite a few cars that were out for blood and our car looks like it's been on the front lines.  We were sandwiched a few times, rear ended a few times and T-boned twice.  Just check out some of the carnage.
There were some driver issues as well.  Your's truly here managed to spin the car out in turn one late in the afternoon.  Black flag for me, but apparently the judges were in a good mood because they said I must have been tired and just had us change drivers and get back out on the track.  Perfect!  Each of us ran about 80 minutes per session.  That may not seem like a lot, but with that many cars rubbing you turn after turn, and the high heat and sun today, that's about all you can handle.

Right now while I kick back in the recliner and write this, the other guys are hammering out the fenders (they were rubbing on the rear tires) and changing the spark plugs.  Brakes are good and so is most of the rest of the car.  We're all well fed and hydrated.  I deep fried some chicken wings and the guys are putting back some beers.  There's a band playing right now and as soon as the car gets finished up I'm sure everyone's going to relax for the night.

We're shooting for the top ten tomorrow!

We're racing, and crashing!

The race is on and we're doing great!  After Chris's stint we're running 6 laps off the leader and the car is great.  Quinn just got in for his stint and almost immediately he got T-boned in turn one.  Major damage but it doesn't affect our driving.  Better yet, no penalty!

It's hot but things are going well.  Stay tuned for updates.  Also if you'd like to watch things live, there is a webcast located here.

Friday, September 11, 2009

GSXR Floral Design

This is a new trend, nowadays floral designs are not only meant for ladies.

We are through inspections, but not without a little work

Well now comes the part where we just sit and wait for race time.  We went through tech this morning, but had a little issue.  It seems they didn't like our exhaust.  No big deal.  Chris and Phil ran to NAPA and got some junk to make us "legal".  Now that our car was legal for racing, we moved on to BS inspections.  No trouble here.  As a matter of fact, they almost didn't even want to look at us.  I guess a Colt isn't that threatening of a race car?
Well I have all sorts of pictures to share of today's activities, but it seems that everybody is trying to use the same WiFi access point right now.  You'll have to wait.  But, suffice it to say, things are busy and fun.  We fried a turkey this morning and we are currently smoking some pork for tonight.  Chris managed to officially enter his prized moonshine into the contest with the judges and there are plenty of cars that are getting some serious heat in the BS area.  Cheaters.

More to come, stay tuned!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Helmet FAQ

Q: Can my helmet be wrapped with sticker, to change the original color?
A: Sorry it cannot be done, as sticker has it's limit of stretching, the helmet it too round to be stretched and covered fully, even if it can, the sticker will bound to shrink back when in contact with heat.
What we can provide is pasting part by part, something like the helmet above, we provided the solution to use his graphics and make out a fire design. Total we used 6 pieces and a samurai to join up to make it complete. Can tell where???

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gilera "The Thing"

4 persons working on the bike, phew
It's an interesting concept, using The Thing's skin as the skin for the whole bike.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

SP Geisha

Somehow Geisha seems a popular choice among decal enthusiasts, cars or bikes.
Maybe after the Geisha movie? haha!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009