Friday, December 4, 2009

Team Changes

I think there needs to be a post about some rather crucial information.  Lab Rats Motorsports has gone through some personnel changes.  As you know, the team for the last race was Mike (captain), Chris, Jeff, Phil and Quinn.  Phil and Quinn have decided to retire from crap-can racing.  As for the rest of us, I have left and started a new team; Ramrod Racing, with its own site to detail all of what you've come to expect here.  Chris and Jeff are continuing the Lab Rats with one more important change: THE COLT IS GONE!!  That's right, Phil bought her and will dirt tracking her next year!  That means that the Lab Rats will not only have new teammates, but also a new car.

I can't gurantee the consistency of updates here anymore, as that depends on Chris and Jeff giving me pictures and write-ups.  Not likely since I'm not part of the "inner-circle" anymore and they don't want to share with me all of their cheating ways!  We'll see about getting some pictures and info for you though.  Thanks for following us this year!

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