Saturday, September 12, 2009

End of day 1, and we rock!

What a day!!  The colt is nothing like her former self.  We've completed 274 laps and are running in 15th out of 107.  Campare that to last spring when we didn't hardly run at all on day 1.  She's not the fastest car out there by a long shot, but with no mechanical failures and no penalties we held our own.  But it's war out there.  There were quite a few cars that were out for blood and our car looks like it's been on the front lines.  We were sandwiched a few times, rear ended a few times and T-boned twice.  Just check out some of the carnage.
There were some driver issues as well.  Your's truly here managed to spin the car out in turn one late in the afternoon.  Black flag for me, but apparently the judges were in a good mood because they said I must have been tired and just had us change drivers and get back out on the track.  Perfect!  Each of us ran about 80 minutes per session.  That may not seem like a lot, but with that many cars rubbing you turn after turn, and the high heat and sun today, that's about all you can handle.

Right now while I kick back in the recliner and write this, the other guys are hammering out the fenders (they were rubbing on the rear tires) and changing the spark plugs.  Brakes are good and so is most of the rest of the car.  We're all well fed and hydrated.  I deep fried some chicken wings and the guys are putting back some beers.  There's a band playing right now and as soon as the car gets finished up I'm sure everyone's going to relax for the night.

We're shooting for the top ten tomorrow!

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