Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Time to show off my MattBlack Altis~! 95% stickered!

Only front grill and internal door panels are sprayed, take a loooook~

Duration, for a full car like this will take at least a week of hard work.

Pros: You do not need to wax polish ever again! Save $$!!! You can hide somewhere dark and hanky panky with your girl without ever get notice!! (unless you you both make alot of sounds...) You dun like, can tear it off anytime you want amd keep your paint intact and keeping corrosion from the heat and rain off!!!! Save $$ AGAIN!

Cons: It cost almost as much as spray paint, but sprayed ones have a tendency to be scrapped off by mini stone and sand leaving white spots on your car, sticked will protect small stones, of course it will tear too if impact too big, too sharp, but so far my car dun have those small spots, only mini tears from stones on the side. It'll have joints, meaning sticker will overlap sticker, you'll see a line yes, but only when looked closely, at night, it's looks perfect. Might have some crumples some difficult area, we wun garentee perfect worksmanship, but be have the best ppl in the industry tt will minimise the inperfection.

Interested parties can visit our shop, you'll know what we are talking about when you see the real thing!! Address is on the right of your screen. :)

Illum Plates!
Plate numbers lights up when you turn on your headlights! When off, it's just a normal number plate.

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